People Are Sharing “You Had One Job” Fails, And We’ve Compiled A List Of The funniest Ones

We’ve all struggled with our work, particularly when we first started out and tried new stuff, but something still went wrong. There are a million ways to mess up a job, whether performed by a person or a computer, even when it comes to the simplest of tasks. These hilarious mishaps can be found on the r/onejob subreddit. On any given day, you’ll see photos of silly typos in important articles, a whole potato in a bag of french fries, and a variety of other job fails. Scroll down to see the 20 funniest ‘job fails’ we have found for you.

1. “Touch bread with what?”

2. “Forever Cone”

3. “Oh no, not Germans!”

4. “Picture sliding puzzle”

5. “My Mom Found A Whole Potato In The Bag Of French Fries Tonight”

6. “Slenderman is crying”

7. “That’s… Not A Fox”

8. “Uncut fork”

9. “Help Stepboat, I’m Stuck”


10. “Will You Be My Bebe Frifri?”


11. “Whoever Renovated Our Home Last, You Suck”

12. “Dude Seriously”


13. “I was told you’ll appreciate this”

Job fails, onions

14. “We live in confusing times”

15. “Any given Monday”

Job fails

16. “Goddamnit Bruce!”

Job fails, Insert team logo here

17. “A genius baker”

18. “No cap needed”

Job fails

19. “French Air Force”

Job fails, French flag


20. “Mannequins Are Too Complicated”

job fails


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