McDonald’s Customer Finds An Unusually Shaped Chicken Piece In His Meal

A dad found a penis-shaped chicken from McDonald’s. He had to dig beneath the breadcrumbs before taking a bite.

Rich Greene / SWNS.COM

Rich Greene wanted a fleshy treat so he went to his local McDonald’s where he picked up an $8.16 Chicken Select Meal at the drive-through. It wasn’t until he got home to munch on his meat that he realized his box had been stuffed with an interesting shaped piece of chicken.


Rich Greene / SWNS.COM

Rich had to peel back some of the crust to check what he was eating. Thankfully the breaded meat was nothing else other than chicken.

Rich told the Daily Star newspaper, “I was with my daughter and we fancied a McDonald’s so we went through the drive-thru. When I got home and opened the box I was confronted with what looked like Mr. McDonald. I don’t really know what to say because it really does look like a particular something.

I haven’t seen Ronald in a while so I hope he’s doing okay. It still tasted alright. I did peel off the crumbs before I ate it though just to check it was chicken inside.

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