Two 5-Yr-Old Boys Dig Their Way Out Of Kindergarten To Buy A Jaguar Sports Car

kindergarten boys

Today’s kids seem to be capable of doing things that are well beyond their age. Just like how these two five-year-old Russian boys dug their way out of their kindergarten with spades and walked 2 kilometers just to purchase a Jaguar sports car. Can you believe that?!

The two boys disappeared as their group went for a supervised walk on the grounds of a kindergarten in Magnitogorsk, in the Urals area. After half an hour, the kindergarten teacher realized that the boys were missing.

For several days, the boys had been planning their escape, digging a hole under a fence with spades from the sand pit.

The boys walked just over a mile after eloping to a luxury car dealership. The unaccompanied children were spotted by a female driver, who inquired as to what they were doing. They explained that they had come from their kindergarten to purchase a Jaguar but were unable to do so due to a lack of funds. She then took them to the nearest police station.

Local school authorities took action by dismissing the supervisor in charge at the time and issuing a notice to the acting principal.

The parents of the children did not file a complaint against the kindergarten.

We understand that taking care of or supervising kids is a tough row to hoe. But we have to be super careful while taking care of them.


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