Twitch Streamer Makes $16,000 In Just Eight Hours By Letting People Disturb His Sleep

Twitch Streamer Makes $16,000 In Just Eight Hours By Letting People Disturb His Sleep FI

A Twitch streamer made $16,000 in just one night after allowing people to wake him up while he was sleeping. To those who don’t know, Twitch is a live streaming service that was originally designed for gaming streams. But that has obviously changed.

Currently, there’s a new trend that’s rising in popularity: the “sleep stream.” And Asian Andy has definitely found more creative, and lucrative ways to use the service.

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His game plan is simple; he sleeps, and his audience competes to wake him up – though he doesn’t get much sleep in the process. While the idea is not new and has been done before, Andy has found a way to monetize his sleep.

Viewers can pay money in exchange for noise, such as loud music, a dog bark, or a voice reading out text, all with the aim of waking Andy up from his sleep.

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Like many other influencers, Andy set up text-to-speech recognition for his live stream, meaning that music played with every donation and the messages were read aloud.

In a video talking about the experience, Andy shared footage of the night with his followers. It shows him being woken up several times during the course of the seven hours by loud music and text-to-voice jokes.

andy trying to sleep

At the end of the video, he expresses his shock at learning the large amount of money viewers have spent in a bid to disturb his sleep.

God damn, thank you so much,’ he told his fans, before proceeding to rip open his T-shirt in celebration.

‘Last sleep stream world record was $6,000. You guys… $16,000? I used to drive Uber man for $16 an hour. I used to drive Uber, that’s all I would do and go to school. You guys made my life, seriously. This is f*cking crazy’ he added.

The first person to make money this way was Twitch streamer Ice Poseidon, who made $5,000 in eight hours in 2017. His broadcast allowed viewers to use text-to-speech technology to give their best shot of waking him up.

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