Man 3D-Printed Tiny Hats For Backyard Squirrels, And They’re Totally Rocking’em

Tiny hats for squirrels

Last year, we all spent time in our homes and backyards. Working from home, sipping coffee, admiring nature, and making new friends, or befriending squirrels who always paid you a visit while you were stuck at home. Just last month, we told you about the man who made tiny hats for a toad who lived under the porch of his house. And now it’s time to meet Sham Othman, who befriended two cute little squirrels in his backyard during quarantine.

In 2019, Othman, a father of two, started befriending squirrels in his backyard. Some squirrels grew comfortable with his presence over the course of a few months.

Sandy, one of the squirrels he nicknamed, seemed to feel comfortable with Othman and his other family members.

“I was wondering how far that I could push it, so I got a really long peanut and placed it in my mouth,” Othman told Insider.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in spring 2020, Othman began working from home, and he joked that his friendship with two squirrels grew particularly deep — one called Sandy and a one-eyed squirrel he named Ms. Winky.

“It was a distraction from everything going on,” he said. “It was just something you could look forward to.”

And one day, Othman and his wife discovered one of their children’s toy hats and thought it was the ideal size for a squirrel.

When Sandy returned the next time for treats, Othman put a tiny blue hat onto Sandy’s head and took a few pictures.

After using up all the toy-sized hats, Othman turned to his 3D printer and began designing his own accessories.

Othman decorated the squirrels with about two dozen 3D-printed hats, everything from cowboy hats to Mickey Mouse ears.

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The squirrels didn’t seem to mind the accessories, and they enjoyed the treats Othman left behind. His family, according to Othman, adored their hat-wearing squirrels.

The squirrels have vanished for the time being, but Othman said he hopes to see Ms. Winky or Sandy this summer or begin bonding with some new squirrels because they were such a highlight of the previous year.

It’s how I made it through the pandemic,” he told. “It’s making people smile and I always enjoy doing that.”

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