20 Things Every Girl Needs In Their Life RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

There are some things that you don’t need and are just meh and then there are absolute gems that are a HELLL YEAAHHH! Go get ’em sis, you deserve it this singles’ day. Listed below are some of the best 11.11 singles’ day sales offers that you will not be able to pass on. Grab them!

1. A makeup brush set is an absolute must and what better than this steal of a deal with 25 face brushes? They’re soft, chic, and all you’d ever wish for.

makeup brush set


Buy for $11.40 – 31.40

2. Massage hubs and salons are so 2019! All you need is this Electric Scalp Hair Brush for the perfect head massage after a long day’s work. This 11.11 promo is just unmissable.

Electric Scalp Hair Brush


Buy for $14.93

3. Want those salty beach waves right at home? This three Barrel Ceramic Hair Curling Iron is just what you need! And what better than to buy them during the 11.11 flash sale?

 Barrel Ceramic Hair Curling Iron


Buy for $12.81 – 14.60

4. Boss’ after you and you’re just done with their jabber? Take a 5-minute chill break with this Cold Gel Face Mask, sit back, and relax…

Cold Gel Face Mask


Buy for $10.16

5. Whether you want your brows to be on fleek or need a new mascara wand, this set of sticks will always have your back.

mascara wand, singles day sale


Buy for $7.10 – 11.29

6. Lift your spirits as you lift your lashes with this DIY lash kit. Yep, this is one of the best singles day deal you could wish for. And yeah, this DIY allows multiple rounds of lash lifts. OUYYYEAAAH!

 DIY lash kit


Buy for $10.97

7. If you had to pick a color from the rainbow to create an eye look, this is the palette you could go for! The IMAGIC 35!

IMAGIC 35, singles day sale


Buy for $11.67 – 21.61

8. If neutrals are your jam, this palette’s for you ma’am. Perfect for your everyday makeup look with some shimmer options to jazz it up! This singles days sales offer is one you can’t miss out on!

Nude eyeshadow palette


Buy for $8.25 – 10.63

9. And now for the lippies. One can never go wrong with nudes especially with such stunning shades from Beauty Glazed, Kylie Jenner who? The 11.11 singles day sale is going to beat ’em all!

nude lipsticks


Buy for $4.99

10. Absolute life-givers and easy to carry, these organic lip balms are something else. And 24 of them? This one’s an absolute bargain on 11.11, sister!

Organic lipbalms, singles day sale


Buy for $12.85 – 13.39

11. For that smooth finish on your lips, you can never go wrong with the PERIPERA Ink The Airy Velvet Liquid Lipstick and they’re made to last through smacking, eating sipping, and just everything under the sun!

PERIPERA Ink The Airy Velvet Liquid Lipstick


Buy for $10.62

12. Is it a comb? Yes. Is it a straightener? Yes. Will it make your hair salon-like? A BIG FAT YES! The ANLAN Hair Comb Multifunctional Brush is worth the investment.

ANLAN Hair Comb Multifunctional Brush


Buy for $13.71

13. Accentuate your waist and make your legs look longer with this comfortable pair of tie-up pants.

tie-up pants, singles day sale


Buy for $10.86

14. Gotta get your nails done without making a dent in your pocket? We gotchya gurrrrl! Invest in this ROSALIND Poly Nail Gel Kit this 11.11 singles day deal.

ROSALIND Poly Nail Gel Kit


Buy for $15.58 – 23.82

15. A nail kit demands a nail drill, and this one’s just what you need, the Mini Electric Manicure Professional Drill.

Mini Electric Manicure Professional Drill


Buy for $9.28

16. Whether a dine-in date night at home or a quaint dinner date at the restaurant, this beige slit dress is the perfect outfit that will have you look cute and classy.

beige slit dress, singles day sale


Buy for $9.99

17. If you’re a vintage gal, and 70’s style is totally your vibe, this nude puffed sleeve top is a must-have in your wardrobe. You may thank us later!

 nude puffed sleeve top


Buy for $13.39

18. A skirt with the comfort of shorts is the right combo to look cute and laze around in the house. Buy the Artsnie Summer 2019 High Waist Casual Skirt today for an absolute bargain and singles day steal!

Artsnie Summer 2019 High Waist Casual Skirt


Buy for $12.36

19. The 3D Mink Faux Eyelashes are wispy, voluminous, and go on for days. Wear ’em and flutter your way through. They are perfect for everyday use as well.

 3D Mink Faux Eyelashes, singles day sale


Buy for $19.24

20. No sleep during the lockdown and you got puffy eyes? Use this Anti-aging eye massager to get rid of your dark circles and reduce wrinkles.

Anti-aging eye massager


Buy for $23.19

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