18 Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can DIY and Decorate With Easily

Thanksgivinge Dinner

Thanksgiving is all about fun, laughter, family, wholesome dinners, and decorating your house with love and joy. Looking for some last-minute Thanksgiving dinner ideas? We’ve got you! This Thanksgiving, choose from these 18 centerpieces to make your Thanksgiving dinner decor complete and get in the holiday spirit!

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1. Artificial Pumpkin Flower Pot

Artificial Pumpkin Flower Pot


This centerpiece has the best of both worlds! Fall colors along with pumpkin and maple. Now all that’s remaining is a delicious grilled turkey to set the table completely.

Buy for $12.35

2. 50 Pieces Gourd & Pine Assortment Decor

50 Pieces Gourd & Pine Assortment Decor


Looking to mix and match your Thanksgiving decor a lil bit? This 50 piece gourd and pine assortment set is exactly what you need to DIY your own centerpiece. What’s amazing is that it comes at a great deal that you just can’t miss!

Buy for $15.68 ($18.69)

3. Festive Turkey Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decor

Festive Turkey Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decor, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


How cute do these lil turkey centerpieces look? Want to go for a Thanksgiving vibe that is holiday-like yet pocket-friendly? This one’s what you need. Centerpiece? CHECK!!!

Buy for $6.56

4. Fall Glitter Leaves

Fall Glitter Leaves , Thanksgiving dinner ideas


Speaking of low-key, this number is on the other side of the aisle and is all things glitter and glam! Looking for an eye-catchy centerpiece to go along with the rest of your fall decor this Thanksgiving? You’ve got what you’re looking for.

Buy for $21.99

5. Berry Glass Hurricane Pillar Candle Holder

Berry Glass Hurricane Pillar Candle Holder, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


A more classy and vintage centerpiece is this berry pillar candle. It’s all things Thanksgiving and it’s just so precious!

Buy for $38.99

6. Maple Leaf and Berry Arrangement

Maple Leaf and Berry Arrangement, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


Another statement centerpiece that you cannot go wrong with is this maple leaf and berry arrangement. What gives it the charm is the wooden box in which it’s all laid together.

Buy for $45.49

7. White and Black Plaid Fall Harvest Tabletop Pumpkin

White and Black Plaid Fall Harvest Tabletop Pumpkin


For a more contemporary pumpkin for Thanksgiving decor, this White and Black Plaid Fall Harvest Tabletop Pumpkin will work well for you!

Buy for $13.99 ($15.99)

8. Thanksgiving Pomegranate Fall Candle Holder

Pomegranate Fall Candle Holder, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


If you’re looking for something different and not your old-school candle holder with maple leaves and berries, this pomegranate holder will do the job right! Who says Thanksgiving centerpieces cannot be unique yet traditional?

Buy for $51.99

9. Natural Fall Pumpkin and Berry Table Arrangement

Natural Fall Pumpkin and Berry Table Arrangement


Speaking of vintage, how cool does this rustic pumpkin and berry arrangement look? If the decor of your house has more of muted fall tones and colors, this centerpiece will sit well on your table.

Buy for $59.56

10. Thanksgiving Treat Basket

Thanksgiving Treat Basket, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


This set is all things Thanksgiving with the basket, the pumpkin, the board and most importantly, the mood! For a good deal, you get this all. You won’t need anything else for your centerpiece decor.

Buy for $54.99

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11. Temp-tations Seasonal Beaded Table Runner

Temp-tations Seasonal Beaded Table Runner, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


To bring the whole table together, food and centerpiece, this beaded seasonal table runner is what you need. This is a unique piece that’ll stand out and leave your guests asking you questions as to where you got it from. For $33.00, this is a steal for Thanksgiving decor.

Buy for $33.00

12. Lidia’s Polish Pottery Hand-Painted Figural Pumpkin

Lidia's Polish Pottery Hand-Painted Figural Pumpkin


Another unique find is this hand-painted figural pumpkin that can be used as a centerpiece as well as dainty decor piece in the corner of your house this Thanksgiving.

Buy for $49.98

13. Harvest Gatherings Two-Tier Server

Harvest Gatherings Two-Tier Server, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


Made some holiday pies or cookies for dessert post Thanksgiving dinner? This two-tier server works well as a centerpiece as well as a platter to serve food to your guests. It’s unique design and plate is what makes it stand out.

Buy for $32.00

14. Harvest Gatherings Deep Bowl

Harvest Gatherings Deep Bowl


A nice hand painted bowl that can house pine cones or some stuffing, can also be used as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving decor. This time it’s all about getting creative!

Buy for $45.00

15. Sweater Pumpkins

Sweater Pumpkins


Speaking of creative, have you ever seen a knitted set of pumpkins? This one’s a one time deal that you definitely need to get your hands on. How many times do you come across a non-orange cool looking knitted pumpkin anyway? This is one cool centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Buy for $14.99

16. Harvest Mini Faux White Pumpkins

Harvest Mini Faux White Pumpkins , Thanksgiving dinner ideas


Behold the coolest looking faux pumpkin set yet! For a minimalistic yet holiday-like Thanksgiving decor vibe, this set of pumpkins will sit so well as a centerpiece. Especially if your house has neutral tones going on!

Buy for $12.98

17. Artificial Flowers Combo

Artificial Flowers Combo, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


And obviously one can never go wrong with flowers. If you think you’re missing something to complete your Thanksgiving centerpiece look, you might want to opt for a few flowers to surround and finish off the set-up.

Buy for $29.99

18. Mini Maple Leaf and Pumpkin Basket Arrangement

Mini Maple Leaf and Pumpkin Basket Arrangement, Thanksgiving dinner ideas


Last but not the least, a good bunch of pumpkins in a basket is something you can never go wrong with.

Buy for $12.98

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Happy Thanksgiving Guys!

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