Mesmerizing Shots Of Rare Octopus With Transparent Head Caught By Blackwater Photographer

The Taipei-based photographer, Wu Yung-sen has been exploring and deep-sea diving, photographing marine life for almost four years now. On his most recent blackwater dive, when he was unable to see the bottom and was surrounded by impenetrable space—he happened to chance upon a rare larval Wunderpus octopus. The images thus captured are marvelous.


This stunning image shows how delicate and transparent the baby octopus is encasing its own red brain. It surely is a sight few have ever witnessed.


Wunderpus octopus also called Wunderpus photogenicus, quite literally means photogenic wonder. It was first officially described by researchers back in 2006. The adults of Wunderpus Octupus are a rusty red with white spots and stripes.

The octopus possesses a fascinating ability to contort themselves and mimic other similarly shaded sea creatures.


Here are some captures of other transparent sea-creatures by the photographer that will wow you.

Image courtesy: Wu Yung-sen

Whether the photographer is lying in a river or busy deep-sea diving, Yung-sen’s wildlife photography surely brings aquatic wildlife to a global audience and the results are quite captivating.

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