Meet Quimera, A Rare Two-Faced Cat Who’s Just Too Damn Adorable

A special breed of felines, Chimera cats is also known as two-faced cats. The genesis of the name is from the fact that each halt on their face has a different color. This includes their eyes as well. Quimera, a Chimera cat is quickly growing a following online for her rare looks and beautiful color pattern.

Quimera’s face is perfectly divided into one half that has orange stripes and a green eye, and the other half is all black with a blue eye. This division also continues along her chest and front legs. An interesting thing to notice is that the color patterns are positioned in exact opposition to the face.

Of course, Quimera has no clue about her unusual looks. She’s just a lil fluffster who likes to snuggle with her human.

quimera the cat

She’s a beauty, isn’t she?


Image source: Instagram

We surely can’t get enough of Quimera. She’s goofy, beautiful and an absolute fluff-ball!

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