This Portable Mini Dishwasher Is Perfect For All You Lone-Riding Wolves

If you live alone, loading an entire dishwasher with some dishes is neither economical nor environmental-friendly, which is why we have the perfect solution for you! The Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher. Let’s learn what this dishwasher has to offer to us.



A cool feature about this dishwasher is that it gives you the choice of built-in tank so you don’t really need a water hookup. However, there is a water hose included with the dishwasher for a direct kitchen hook up. Well, that’s pretty handy now, isn’t it?



This portable dishwasher can easily accommodate dishes up to 12-inches in diameter and is also ideal for apartments, small-sized houses, and campers/RVs.



It offers you five wash programs namely – Normal, Fruit Wash, Rapid, Baby Care and Glass. The lower and upper spray arms are what give the dishes that streak-free deep cleaning.

baby care being washed


It comes with a fruit basket so that fruits and vegetables can be cleaned and serve directly from the dishwasher

fruits being washed


You can also monitor the cleaning process, thanks to the see-through glass-front.



Here’s what some of the users had to say about the dishwasher.

Customer Review / Joshua Hutchings
“I love this dishwasher. I love that it has a tank because my kitchen is set up in a way that makes it difficult to get the dishwasher close enough to the sink to hook it up. I keep it on my kitchen table and let it drain into a stockpot that I keep on a chair.”

Customer Review / Whitney –
“We bought this for our apartment in the city that doesn’t have a built-in dishwasher. It’s an awesome sleek countertop dishwasher with no sink hookup necessary, which I have not seen before. It does give you a hook-up option if you would like. You simply plug it in, pour water into the dispenser and press start. It’s pretty cool to watch the cycle through the glass window and I must say, it’s very quiet. Looks great and is very light and portable. “

Customer Review / Katherine –
“I just love this in my RV. Now I know my dishes are clean and sanitized!!!
Smaller than all the other ones so it fit on my counter top without taking up so much space and I didn’t have to modify my water faucet as I can just pour 5 liters in the top and it heats up the water and washes without a direct water hookup.
Was well worth a little extra money!”

Now that you have a good grasp over how amazing this portable dishwasher is, what’s the hold up? Get one for yourself today at an affordable price of $500.

Click here to buy now!

Feature Image Credits – Amazon Customer/Aggie & Instagram – @thefoyager

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