Man Marries & Divorces The Same Woman Thrice In 37 Days For Extra Paid Leaves

According to Taiwan Apple Daily, a man married four times and divorced three times in 37 days in order to get 32 days of paid leave.

Times Now News reported that the Taiwanese man worked at a bank that legally allows an eight-day paid vacation to the soon-to-wed employees in order to plan their wedding.

The man and his wife filed for divorce after their first marriage on April 6, 2020, at the close of the initial eight days. They married again the next day, and the groom demanded another paid leave of absence from work.

He and his bride went through the process four times, getting married 4 times and getting divorced 3 times. He applied for a total of 32 paid vacation days.

However, the bank rejected after the first time any of its subsequent requests for marriage leave. This spurred the man to file a complaint about failure to comply with Taiwan’s labor laws.

Under Article 2 of Taiwan’s Regulations of Leave-Taking of Workers, “a worker shall be entitled to eight days of wedding leave with pay.”

The Taipei City Labor Bureau investigated the matter and in October 2020 concluded that the Bank had breached the rule. Reported Newsweek.

The bank filed an appeal, claiming that the man was clearly attempting to manipulate the system by marrying and re-marrying the same woman in succession.

The Beishi Labour Bureau acknowledged that the man’s actions were “unethical,” but upheld the previous ruling against the bank.

As a result, the bank was fined NTD$20,000 (US$700) for their transgression.

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