20 Korean Skincare Products Worth The Hype

20 Korean Skin Care Products Worth The Hype FI

Korean brands have officially upped the standards for the global skin-care industry — and if we’re being honest, our personal standards as well. For example, our skin has forever changed by double-cleansing. We gathered the most amazing Korean skincare products that are worth the hype –

1. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

cleansing gel corsx


Who doesn’t want a good cleansing gel? What’s nice about this product is that it makes the skin feel thoroughly cleansed. But never stripped. The cleanser has a key ingredient – BHA. It washes away all the impurities on your skin, and tea tree oil helps soothe irritated skin.

Customer Review:
“I’ve dramatically changed my skincare routine after having acne-filled skin this summer. I was recommended this Cleanser and I LOVE it because having a Low pH is what makes my serums work best! This is my favorite cleanse thus far. I do have sensitive skin so it was nice to find a product that wasn’t too harsh.”

Buy it for $9.00 ($14)

2. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch 240 Patches

acne pimple master patch


Adult acne is also a thing and due to the continued use of mask, we also have maskne. But this pimple patch by COSRX is magical. It has Hydrocolloid as an ingredient that calms down the redness and keeps skin moisturized to promote faster healing.

Customer Review:
I wish I could buy an entire mask made out of these patches.
They work MIRACLES. I put one on overnight, and the next morning the patch is changed to whitish and the pimple is flat and not sore at all anymore. How does this work!?
I have such a problem skin. I’ve tried every kind of spot treatment there is. Doesn’t matter. I have 2 GIANT pimples on my chin right now, despite being a model patient.
But hahahhaha! I will win because I now have Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches. I am the ACNE PIMPLE MASTER!
God, where have these been all my life

Buy it for $27.50

3. KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, 5%

klairs vitamin c


Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Serum is paaaacked with vitamin C and therefore helps brighten your skin tone over time, fades brown spots, and prevents further pigmentation.

Customer Review:
Before and after 20 days of use. I’ve been using this product 2X a day(AM & PM) and I’ve definitely noticed results. Some of my acne marks are fading and I can tell an overall evening out of my skin tone and my dark circles under my eyes aren’t so bad anymore either. It doesn’t feel greasy on the skin and I do wear makeup over it once it’s dried. I consider my skin VERY sensitive and this does not burn my skin whatsoever. I will continue to use this product hopefully for continued results 👍🏻”

Buy for $22.00

4. KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask, Moisturizer

klairs moisturizer


Works best if it is paired with the Vitamin C serum. It contains Vitamin E and Niacinamide which are excellent for rejuvenating effect. You will be able to immediately see the illuminating and firming effect the next day!

(You can mix Vit C with niacinamide but always do a patch test first)

Customer Review:
“This mask combines really well with Klairs Vitamin C Drop. I use this every day. It is super comfortable and moisturizing. I have only started using Klairs for just the past week and already my skin is looking so much younger and I feel so refreshed. I have really bad rosacea but since I started using Klairs the redness is fading fast and my skin is feeling really soft and comfortable, not irritated anymore. Also fixing a lot of my visible sun damage.

Buy it for $22.99

5. I’M From Honey Mask

honey mask


This mask is filled with goodness of nature and your skin will feel so supple that you will thank us later. This mask is packed with honey, 38.7% to be exact, and it also contains propolis and bee venom for some extra bee goodness. It also has macadamia nut oil, shea butter, snail secretion filtrate and aloe to create a wonderfully hydrating concoction.

This is also perfect for acne-prone skin, as honey is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it will fight acne-causing bacteria while providing hydration at the same time!

Customer Review:
“Love. Love. Love. This mask has the consistency of that honey butter! It’s creamy smells like you are literally just slathering honey on your face without becoming a sticky mess. Really a luxurious experience all around. On top of it is a treat to use, it makes my skin really smooth and plump after I use it. Speaking as someone who owns about 100 skincare products it’s one of my favorites.”

Buy it for $35.00

6. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

laneige lip sleeping mask


This lip sleeping mask has won multiple awards. It coats the cracked lips and you will wake up to a smooth and supple one! The deep conditioning balm melts away dead skin cells overnight, while simultaneously plumping them.

Customer Review:
“HOLY GRAIL!! I don’t know what happened but my lips were so dry, and not in the splitting, peeling way. Just dry and burning. After a week of applying this at night and during the day and my lips finally feel like normal again! Would highly recommend and buy again!

Buy it for $19.31 

7. Under Eye Collagen Patches Eye Masks with 24K Gold and Snail

under eye patches


Eye patches have been on the trend for the last few years and rightfully so! It hydrates and removes all the puffiness from the eyes. These delicate gel patches have snail secretions and are also laced with 24k gold and peptides, so you’ll look far from sluggish after using them.

Customer Review:
Miracle OMG. I had suffered nearly two months from an allergic reaction and went seeking a cure. I FOUND IT with this product. I applied four patches, two under my eyes and two on my eyelids. When I removed it an hour later, I was STUNNED. I looked like myself again. Who knew snail slime was my MIRACLE? I am going to buy more asap

Buy it for $15.99

8. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

corsrx snail essence


Cosrx Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence contains a whopping 96% filtered snail mucin to replenish dull, stressed, and dehydrated skin — talk about a glow-up, ladies and gents! 

Customer Review:
“This stuff is the holy grail of my skincare routine. I’ve got oily, acne-prone skin that has been my nemesis for years. This was my BEST skincare decision, you guys. It worked beautifully and anytime I broke out from slacking off, this stuff would right the ship in just a day or two. I love this stuff so much. I highly recommend the Advanced Snail 96 essence to anyone that will listen to me gush about it! Especially if they have acne issues!

Buy it for $17.85

9. Missha Time Revolution Best Seller Special Set I

time revolution missa special set


Missha’s Time Revolution line has gone past “cult” status and is an icon in the K-Beauty world. Just get it right now!

Customer Review:
“So I have been using this product for about 6 months. My skin is very sensitive and breaks out easily, since I’ve started using this product I don’t break out anymore. It is not too greasy! So the updated ampoule is my holy grail! I wake up with plump skin and no redness I love it !!”

Buy it for $59.00

10. Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule for Face with 80% Snail Mucin Extract

mizon snail repair ampoule - korean skincare


Did you know that slime works wonders on acne and breakouts and is one of Korean skincare’s favorite ingredients? This particular serum contains 80% snail filtrate and is known for its ability to clear up pimples, control oil production, and soothe irritation.

Customer Review:
“I’m 45 and have had acne since I was 12 yrs old. Over the last 30 yrs, I have tried everything from OTC medications, home remedies, and even harsh chemical-laden pharmaceuticals from dermatologists, all to no avail. I have been using it for almost 2 months and I AM IN LOVE!! I saw a small change within the first day of use, truly! My skin has NEVER been this amazing and I can go without makeup even, at certain times! I thought this product would make my face even more oily, simply due to its texture and consistency, but it doesn’t in the slightest.

Buy it for $15.89

11. THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Set

the faceshop set - korean skincare


Korean skincare products are known for their good cleansing products. This set is perfect for someone who loves using makeup or layering their skincare products. It contains a light cleansing oil that will break down the toughest of waterproof makeup; a gentle cleansing foam that will clean out all the gunk and dirt.

Customer Review:
“All I can say is WOW! I have used it twice and my face looks so much better already. So the cleansing oil is so powerful & has a light fresh scent and it took my makeup off very quickly. I only used one pump and it was enough for my whole face.
The foaming cleanser though is what sold me on this. It looks like a cream so I used a pea-sized amount and in fact, I could have used half of what I put in my hand. Also because it was a cream I was not really expecting it to foam up but boy was I wrong. My jaw dropped. Then I used the cleanser and afterward my face felt so soft. The smell was also light and fresh like the oil.
I don’t think I could find a better product for anywhere near this price. Pretty sure TheFaceShop has me for life

Buy it for $19.79 

12. SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Mask

skin food egg white mask - korean skincare


We all have heard the benefits of egg and egg whites in our lives. This egg white mask tightens enlarged pores, minimizes their appearance, and regulates excessive sebum. It is also packed with niacin (Vitamin B3), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), selenium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and a complete amino acid profile. Do you need any more reason? Add to the cart right now.

Customer Review:
“Skinfood is my new go-to in skincare. Seriously? This shizzle is AMAZING! I love it! I take meds that cause some acne. This stuff has taken 5 years off the appearance of my skin, tightened pores, and left my skin brighter and smoother than anything I’ve ever used, and I was a high-end makeup addict. No more! I threw out what I had left of my L#ncome and bought all the Skinfood products I could find. I’ve never had so many compliments on my skin!

Buy it for $13.49

13. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

laneige water mask - korean skincare


Say goodbye to dry and parched skin with this mask! This ice-blue gel is as thick as a pudding but it melts quickly into the skin.

Customer Review:
I was a little skeptical at first but I tried this and have become addicted to this product. My skin feels so calm and hydrated after using this. I have sensitive skin so for me to say that is a huge deal!”

Buy it for $26.14 

14. ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Cream

moistfull collagen - korean skincare


This Collagen Cream puts your face on a full hydration blast with super collagen water and baobab oil. Its watery gel texture absorbs quickly so your skin looks dewy, plump, but doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Customer Review:
“It’s my holy grail of moisturizers, and the amount I’ve spent trying to find a good antiaging moisturizer is almost obscene, considering the modest price tag on this simple little orange jar. I use this essentially every single day, sometimes twice a day. It absorbs fairly fast, and it is really, really soothing in the winter if your skin gets dry. It’s such a relief to have finally found a product that moisturizes, plumps up fine lines, and doesn’t cost a small fortune!”

Buy it for $16.10

15. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

volcanic clay mask - korean skincare


Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X contains real Jeju Island volcanic clusters. The mask absorbs all that excess oil/sebum production and lactic acid helps in exfoliation. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Customer Review:
This mask is to die for. It has the same effect as GlamGlow Supermud and costs almost 9 times cheaper. Very effective on acne, clears up my skin from blemishes, and leaves it fresh and squeaky clean. I’m the biggest fan of Korean cosmetics and this one is my holy grail from now on. Also, just a little of this mask goes a long way!”

Buy it for $14.17 

16. TONYMOLY I’m Real Olive Radiance Mask Sheet

toly moly sheet mask - korean skincare


Need some instant hydration? Slap on Tonymoly’s Mask Sheet for 20 minutes and let the moisturizing sink into your skin. They are an essential step to a 10-step Korean skincare routine.

Customer Review:
I have super sensitive combination skin (dry patches/oily T zone) and I’ve quickly found out that this is basically the only mask I can handle. No weird burning sensation, no dry tight feeling, no harsh smells or flakiness afterward..just a super soothing basic mask. It soaks into your skin quickly.

Buy it for $26.00

17. Korean Skincare Snail Repair Cream

snail cream mizon - korean skincare


According to its label, this night moisturizer contains 97.5% snail mucin extract (yes, snail slime!), which is actually a super-hydrating ingredient known to help promote collagen production. A nice anti-aging cream, we say!

Buy it for $13.89

18. Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream

dr jart cermadinin - korean skincare


Dr. Jart’s ceramidin line focuses on hydrating and repairing the skin barrier. It’s simple but quite effective.

Customer Review:
“Best cream I’ve ever used in my life. Helps my dry skin, where nothing works, not even vaseline. I do not break out with this cream and am fully hydrated. If you’re going to spend money on cream, this is it. Perfect for sensitive skin, doesn’t burn at all. Prevents eczema.”

Buy it for $24.95

19. MEDIHEAL Sheet Mask Heroes, 6 Variety Pack

mediheal sheet masks - korean skincare


If your skin is acting up then use one of the sheet masks and relax. Within 15 minutes, you will find your skin much calmer. Each sheet masks targets a certain skin concerns, so, what are you waiting for? Add to the cart right now!

Customer Review:
“I have sensitive skin and was kind of nervous to try a new brand. I figured that I didn’t have much to lose if it didn’t end up working because the price was good. I can honestly say my skin has never been smoother. I especially like the hydrating masks. Will be ordering again”

Buy it for $11.90

20. Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

belif bomb korean skincare


Belif Aqua Bomb has a ridiculously satisfying formula, which means its gel texture disperses into your skin. It calms down normal, oily, and combination skin types and smooths everything over without leaving any residue or unnecessarily heavy texture behind.

Buy it for $38.00

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