iQoo 9 Pro Legend Review: Capable Android Flagship But Will You Spend Rs 70,000?

Gaming phones are a niche product. While offering flagship-level specifications (or better in many cases) and some very quirky features, gaming phones are not as popular as the former. Manufacturers have noticed this and gaming phones are making more and more sense as everyday usage devices with each passing day. Vivo sub-brand iQoo is one of the company’s that aims to do just this with its flagship offerings and with the 2022 flagship iQoo 9 Pro, the company has done that quite well.


The iQoo 9 series was launched in India that includes the iQoo 9 and iQoo 9 Pro. I got the iQoo 9 Pro Legend, the BMW M Motorsport edition for my review, and I have used the smartphone for the past month doing all sorts of things like gaming and social media. In this article, I will tell you if gaming phones like the iQoo 9 Pro are any good as normal Android flagships, what I like about the iQoo 9 Pro, what I don’t like about it, and if you should spend Rs 70,000 on the iQoo 9 Pro Legend Edition. Let’s start.


In terms of design, the iQoo 9 Pro looks very nice. While the smartphone is huge in terms of size, it has been designed very well. The iQoo 9 Pro has a curved display that gives the smartphone a a premium look. We got the Legend Edition of the iQoo 9 Pro that has a beautiful BMW Motorsport-inspired colour scheme with a plain white carbon fibre pattern back panel with BMW-inspired blue, black, and red stripes.

The camera module is rather huge. There is a triple rear camera setup with two larger sensors and a smaller one placed within the rectangular camera module that covers pretty much the whole top portion of the back panel. Now, I’m not sure if this whole black part is required for the camera with Gimbal Stabilisation, but it sure looks cool, at least to me. This chunky black camera module is the only thing about the design that may have mixed reviews, otherwise the phone looks very premium. Another caveat in the design is the big size. However, since it is a gaming phone, the big screen has utility. All in all, it is a very good looking phone and iQoo has given good attention to detail with things like a blue power button and cabron fibre-like pattern on the back panel.


The iQoo 9 Pro has a curved 6.78-inch display that is nicely immersive and vivid. The display is immersive and very responsive at a 120Hz refresh rate. The display on the iQoo 9 Pro Legend is vivid and super bright as well. Using the smartphone or even playing games in bright sunlight is not an issue at all, but gaming under the sun can leave you guessing at times. The display is also pretty immersive and watching YouTube and Netflix content is a pleasing experience.

The high refresh rate and touch response rate make the display feel super fast and responsive. While gaming, the iQoo 9 Pro’s curved screen, despite the premium look, is not the most convenient for gaming. Hoever, in terms of responsiveness and frame rate, the iQoo 9 Pro can be jacked up to maximum in games like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Call of Duty: Mobile. Users can also boost the frame rate to force a higher refresh rate on apps that do not support it.


The iQoo 9 Pro comes with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset paired with up to 12GB of RAM. As expected, the smartphone is super fast. App loading times are minimal and the smartphone never lagged during my time with it. In normal usage, the iQoo 9 Pro feels like a proper flagship and multitasking is also not an issue. The iQoo 9 Pro will never feel sluggish, even after long-term usage. I compared the app loading speeds of the iQoo 9 Pro with the Samsung Galaxy S22 and while the difference was just a fraction of seconds, the iQoo 9 Pro’s higher RAM allowed it to launch Battlegrounds Mobile India faster than the Samsung flagship (iQoo 9 Pro has 12GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy S22 has 8GB RAM).