A Bird With Handlebar Moustache Looks Just Like Salvador Dali & Sounds Like A kitten!

We have known birds with different features. Glowing feathers, unique feet, but a bird with a bonafide mustache?

Inca Tern

Truus & Zoo

With their impressive facial features and a bonafide mustache, Inca Tern birds get their name from the ancient Inca Empire. These birds are mostly found near the Pacific coast of Peru and Chile.

Bird with long mustache


Their mustache is commonly compared to the iconic mustache of Salvador Dali, which is a perfect reference. The male and female both look the same and it is believed that the length of the mustache is important when choosing a mate as it is a sign of good health.


The couples stay together throughout the breeding season, though they do not return to the same mate the following year.

Apart from their unique facial features, they have yellow wattles and bright red beaks and feet.

Beautiful Inca Tern


Unfortunately, they are listed as near endangered species.

They eat anchovies and other small fish, competing with human fisheries for food, and their island nesting sites are often destroyed by the guano trade.

We hope conservation efforts will protect them from becoming endangered in the future.

Another remarkable feature of these beautiful mustached birds is their call. It’s described as a “meow” similar to a kitten, though a loud one.

Listen to the clip below and let us know what do you think of the sound?

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