10 Harry Potter Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Go Wtf…?!

We’re about to spill some hot tea in here with these crazy Harry Potter fan-fictionized conspiracy theories. Are ya readddddyyyyy? Strap your friggin’ seatbelt on ’cause we’re going to Alohomora a lot of crazy*** ideas!

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1. Ron Weasley is a time-travelling Dumbledore…?

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As crazy as it sounds, this infamous theory suggests that Ron has already lived his “first life”. According to this, he goes to Hogwarts with Harry and Hermione and well, ends up marrying her.

Here’s where the twist comes in, later on at some point in his life, by some miracle (that’s very common in the HP world) he’s sent back in time in order to live a “second life” as none other than the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. This is the only way, he would be a mentor to Harry. Having said this, there’s a list of speculating arguments:

  • They kinda look alike. Both Dumbledore and Ron were red-headed, both had long noses and were tall.
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  • If you remember, Dumbledore had once said that he had a scar above his left knee. As a matter of fact, we also know Ron injured his knee in The Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • The man KNOWS EVERYTHING! Dumbledore is somehow always aware of Harry’s, Ron’s and Hermione’s secret plans.

2. Neville wasn’t bad at magic, he was using the wrong wand all along!

harry potter - neville


The poor lad, hapless and perpetually fumbling Neville Longbottom spent most of his early years at Hogwarts screwing up spells left and right. It’s funny because in spite of coming from two powerful magical family, he sadly considered himself to be “almost a Squib.”

We see that his friendship with Harry coupled with a morbid danger to the wizarding world gave him an opportunity to prove himself. His growth as a wizard was slow but steady. A lot of this can be attributed to the natural process of personal growth and maturation. Although, many fans think there was one key change that made the difference, i.e., Neville’s wand. 

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It’s apparent in both the movie as well as the books; the wand chooses the wizard. On the contrary to such a beautiful matching process, a wizard using a wand that hasn’t chosen him won’t ever reveal its full potential.

Of course, there is no way to separate coincidence from mere truth, hence we lie in the realm of, “sounds right, but we shall never know”.

3. Harry’s the reason why the Dursley’s were so mean to him

dursleys - harry potter

Harry Potter Wiki Fandom

This insightful theory speculated that the Dursleys treated Harry Potter in a terrible manner because they were exposed to the sinister force of a Horcrux, which in fact he was.

Hold up.. hold up.. we have a rational (or so we think) reasoning to this:

A Horcrux is the darkest form of a magical artefact that can only be achieved by murdering someone. Whether the Horcrux is a person or an object, the consequences it has on its surroundings, are the same. It makes you intimidating, hostile and can even go to the extent of allowing you to control others thoughts.

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Remember how Ron once abandoned Hermoine and Harry in the woods after wearing the locket simply for a few days? Mhmmm! Think about it.

Although one opposing theory is: Why weren’t Ron, Hagrid or Hermoine ever mean to Harry if he was a Horcurx? He was around them all the time.

4. Hogwarts was an insane asylum

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How insane does that sound? Many people believe that the world of Harry Potter is so supernatural and unique, that the only explanation is that it was imagined by all characters together. A hysteria of sorts, if you will. We mean, come on, there were all sorts of things like talking paintings, talking animals, characters hearing voices and the list goes on!


Having said that, here are some clues that might lean towards Hogwarts being an insane asylum:

  • In Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, our protagonist becomes obsessed with the Mirror of Erised and ends up sitting in front of it as he eats every night. Dumbledore also warns him that people have been driven mad because of this magical artefact.
  • The books portray many students acting with a murderous rage. In this case, Draco. This can be witnessed in children who have undergone intense disorders of the mind.
  • The moon as we know it has long been considered a symbol of lunacy. Lupin undergoes his transformation into a werewolf every full moon. Well…?
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  • Last but definitely not the least – When Harry supposedly “dies” and meets the professor, at King Cross he asks him “Tell me one last thing. Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?”. Dumbledore responds: “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?


5. Harry Potter never left the cupboard under the stairs 

harry potter in cupboard


Well, this one’s a popular fan theory that even author J.K. Rowling didn’t shoot down.

harry potter in cupboard pt. 2


This is the part where J.K. Rowling should’ve definitely said something on the lines of “Lolololol, that’s some crazy talk bissssshhh”, like the absolute boss that she is, except that she didn’t.

“I think that’s a fabulous point, and that speaks so perfectly to the truth to the books, because I had it suggested that to me more than once that Harry actually did go mad in the cupboard, and that everything that happened subsequently was some sort of fantasy life he developed to save himself,” said J.K. Rowling an interview.

So she didn’t say the theory was false or true. Hmmm, okay then!

6. Wizards and muggles fought a war in the middle ages and apparently the muggles won! Lol

dursleys 2 - harry potter

Wizarding World

Many fans believe that around the 15th century, both the wizards and muggles went to war and the muggles rose victorious. 

Here are a few thoughts to support the argument:

In The Goblet of Fire when The Minister of Magic wanted to take a magical creature, a dragon into United Kingdom for which he needed to inform the muggle Prime Minister about this. Weren’t wizards trying to hide all things magical from muggles. Wasn’t that literally the exact policy?

Wizarding World

The wizarding world is at a steady decline because of the Ministry of Magic set by the muggles centuries ago in order to minimize the threat. Think about it, Dumbledore may appear to be a powerful wizard, but we all know he’s no Merlin or Flamel.

7. Harry Potter is immortal

harry potter

The Smart Local

To back this theory, we have Sybil Trelawney’s prophecy regarding the relationship between Voldemort and Harry – “Either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives.” The obvious interpretation is that Harry is destined to be killed by Voldemort or kill him; there is no other way, right?

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However there is another way to interpret the prophecy. If either Voldemort or Harry Potter must die at the hand of the other, it is believable that the one who survives remains immortal or rather immune to death. But hold on! There’s an additional twist for Harry: If he sacrifices his death, he will never be able to see his family. Honestly, that’s by far the darkest possible theory.

8. Draco Malfoy is a werewolf

draco malfoy


Let’s first debunk a common assumption or a common misconception: Draco Malfoy is not a Death Eater.

Well then if Draco isn’t a Death Eater, then what marking was it that hardened proprietor of Dark artefacts into doing his bidding? It is speculated that it was a werewolf bite. In that very interaction with Borgin, he even talks about Fenrir Greyback, who is a supposed “family friend”, also one of Voldemort’s loyal supporters. Guess what? He happens to be a werewolf.

The final evidence that points towards the truth about Draco being a werewolf is Narcissa Malfoy’s decision to turn on the Dark Lord at the final moment, saying Harry Potter is dead although while fully being aware that he was alive and capable of fighting back.

draco malfoy with mom - harry potter

Wizarding World

A mother’s love is so pure and simple. We think, unless her beloved child was somehow tainted himself and no longer welcome in the pure-blood order, there was no reason for her to do so.

9. Harry Potter was under Ginny’s spell of love potion

harry and ginny

Wizarding World

Have you ever sat to wonder how Harry fell for Ginny rather suddenly? This interesting theory suggests it was all because of a potent love potion and not some fiery-red-haired Weasley charm.

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Ginny’s brothers, Fred and George not only made love potions, but also sold it, so she had access to all that good (or bad?) stuff.

10. Everyone in Hufflepuff was always high!

harry potter - hufflepuff


Yep, we saved the best one for the end. It’s a theory that is so simple, that it couldn’t really make more sense than ever. We all know they had a tendency to always be kinda spaced out. And should we state the obvious? The relevance of ‘huff’ and ‘puff’ in their name. Come on you guys, it’s right there! They’re stoned. Always.

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A Hufflepuff would’ve said no to that, you know why 😉

Well, we’ve done our job of wrapping your head around these mind-boggling theories. Our work here is done.

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