20 Times People Went Too Far For An Iconic Selfie!

For those who believe that taking selfies on your phone is a pointless activity, we suggest that you take a look at the photos below. You can’t help but admire some of these guys’ ingenuity and boldness. Scroll below and check out the list of the 20 people who went too far for a selfie.

1. Just chilling with a little friend

hmmm from hmmm

2. The underwater party

best selfies


3. The one with the lava


4. Timing is everything

5. Canoeing through a spooky lake

6. The one that kicked the acrophobia in

7. Mirror selfie from the comfy of the bed


8. The best recreation ever

9. Under the waves


10. Something we are never ever gonna try

11. When fun day turned into a bad day


12. The one with the dolphin


13. When you make new friends, the first thing you gotta do is click a selfie


14. The best selfie ever

selfie with lioness


15. You don’t have to travel to the ends of the Earth just to click a selfie


16. Moments before disaster

17. Woah! that gave us anxiety

dangerous selfies


18. When selfie is more important than your life

bison selfies


19. Ouch! That hurts

20. The one with the octopus

selfies with octopus


How far would you go for a selfie?

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