20 Microwave Fails That Really Did Happen, We’re Not Even Kidding!

Microwaves are practically foolproof machines by design. All you have to do is put food inside, press a button, and voilà- your meal is ready. It is as simple as that, well at least most of the time. But sometimes microwaves manage to get the best of us and the results are pretty hilarious. People are sharing their funniest microwave fails and you’ll be shocked at what oddly things they were trying to heat up.

1. My Daughter Took It Upon Herself To Microwave Some Syrup For Her Waffles… For 5 Minutes

Microwave fails


2. My Friend’s Kids Decided To Microwave Crayola Markers

Kids tried microwaving crayons. Funny microwaving fails


3. Never Heat Up A Hard-Boiled Egg

4. My Friend Opened His Microwave And Couldn’t Figure Out What This Was. It Was A Forgotten Slice Of Pizza

Left pizza in microwave for days. funny microwave fails


5. When You Forget To Put Water In Your Easy Mac

6. This Is What Happens When You Microwave Mcdonalds Fries For 30 Minutes (Instead Of 30 Seconds)

microwaved french fries for 30 mins instead of 30 seconds, hilarious microwave fails


7. Wife: “Are You Sure That Jalapeño Dip Container Is Microwaveable?”

Me, An Intellectual: “Of Course, It Is.”

Jalapeño Dip Container:

Microwaving Jalapeno dip container gone wrong


8.When Your Sriracha Chicken Is Just Too Spicy To Handle

9. This Is What Happens When You Tell Your Kid To Make His Own Snack. So He Microwaves An Egg For 11 Minutes

Microwaved hard boiled eggs


10. Make Rice Krispy Treats In The Microwave, They Said. It’s So Easy, They Said.

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11. Left My Fork In The Microwave Today

Left fork in microwave, it's too funny to see this


12. Hope It Helped


13. Sterilising Toys Results Into

14. A Friend’s Client Paid Him In Cash. He Put The Cash In The Microwave To Kill Traces Of Coronavirus

Tried disinfecting cash in microwave


15. Never Ever Forget To Put A Lid On Your Soup While Microwaving It

16. My Friend’s Husband Thought He Could Microwave His Shirt To Dry It Faster…

He tried drying his t short in microwave

u/NotKay / Via reddit.com

17. All Plastic Containers Are Not Microwave Safe

18. When You Were Just Trying To Get That Crick Out Of Your Neck

19. So… Apparently, You Shouldn’t Microwave Spaghetti Squash

Microwaving spaghetti gone wrong


20. Reheating Rice Can Change The Molecular Structure Of Your Container

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