15 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations To Turn Your Home Into A Holiday Cheer

DIY Christmas Decor FI

December is here and that means CHRISTMAS! Remember how the year literally started by putting up Christmas lights? This year we have seen to and stayed indoors a lot. We all deserve to decorate our homes and get them all cozied up. Now that we can’t host parties or so, how about splurging less and going for quick and fun DIY Christmas decorations to celebrate!

So we curated 15 DIY Christmas decor ideas that will save you money, and definitely become a great family time activity! Whether you have something modern or traditional, understated or totally bold, our list of DIY Christmas decor ideas has something in store for all of you.

1. Save space and time with this DIY wall Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas decor - tree

The Sun

Have furry pets who are hell-bent on destroying the tree before Christmas? Or a toddler to wants to pull everything? Make this DIY Christmas tree that only needs the wall. It saves space and at the same time, and looks beautiful. All you need are wooden frames and garlands with lights. Learn how to make DIY Flat Christmas Tree

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2. Create your own stockings with these beautiful plaid fabrics!


Annie Schlechter

How about putting on some handmade stockings to fill them up with sweetness and joy? Add these to your mantelpiece to bring in some Christmas cheer. You can also make a garland and decorate your bedroom wall. You can learn How To Make A Christmas Stocking In 12 Easy Steps

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3. Make a string Christmas tree to decorate your lounge area or fireplace

string christmas trees


This year you can make your own decorative tree with just strings. Yup, that’s right.

You just need a few products such as styrofoam, crochet thread, glue that to make this gorgeous decor product. FYI, this is perfect DIY to include the kids!

You can learn How To Make A String Christmas Tree with this guide.

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4. If you love DIYs then make yourself a yarn Christmas tree with lights

yarn christmas tree - DIY christmas decor


Christmas usually means fun family time. Decorating the Christmas tree and your house makes up for some good quality family time. This DIY is fun and super easy. Not to mention, they do add a whimsical touch to your Christmas decor.

All you need is some yarn, tree cones, and spray glue!

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5. DIY a colorful banner with colored balloons



A DIY ornament banner is the easiest to make! You can even make it a children’s activity and design your own Christmas decoration. Also, it barely costs anything.

Put this piece over your fireplace or dessert table. You can also re-use this for birthdays or other celebrations. Isn’t that amazing? You can learn how to make Christmas Balloon Ornament Banner with this simple guide.

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6. Use battery-operated LED candles to line up the staircase


Julie Blanner

Who thought this Pinterest-y staircase could be this easy to assemble! Choose an evergreen garland accessorizing the stairs, add some battery-operated candles, and let light fill up your home. Plus, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt.

You can also put these candles in jars or clear vases to decorate your dinner table or your fireplace.

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7. Who says fruits can’t be fun? Try making a citrus garland for Christmas decor

dried citrus garland

House of jade interiors

And you thought fruits have no place in Christmas decor! You can use dried citrus fruits to make a garland and decorate your kitchen or window sills. You can also use it as an ornament. Simply use some twine, nylon thread, or wire to assemble it. Learn how to DIY Dried Orange Garland and Citrus Ornaments here!

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8. You can just paint and embellish ceramic plates to set the Christmas mood!


Courtesy Of Modsy

You can have an amazing wall decoration when you decorate these ceramic plates. Just pick up any Christmas style or design that you like and paint it on the plate and voila, it’s just perfect.

You will need acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and plates. That’s it!

Related: The Decorative Ceramic Plates Guide

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9. Use leaf garlands for gifting & centerpieces

Okay, there are two ways, you can go about it. If you want to use leaf garland and add it to your other decorations then definitely get this one. You can also use this one for Christmas gifts.

Christmas decor - crafts-paper-garland

Danielle Daly

But if you absolutely love DIYs and have some time under your hands then buy this smooth card stock green promenade. You can make amazing garlands and decorate them to your advent calendar or make it a part of your Christmas gift decoration. Learn how to DIY Paper Garland

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10. Fake a roaring fireplace experience

faux fireplace


If you have an apartment that doesn’t have a fireplace then fret not. You can easily make a fake one. This DIY is a little time-consuming, so don’t attempt it at the last minute. But it is totally worth the results!

This clever faux fireplace goes perfectly with a Christmas tree in the corner and some candles to go with it.

You will need a drop cloth, paint, hanger, nails, and hammer to complete this DIY! Learn how to make Clever Faux Mantel Wall Hanging For The Holidays

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11. Decorate your mantelpiece with this stunning DIY


Mike Garten

Christmas decoration cannot be complete without dressing up the mantel. This is a fun DIY that is absolutely kid-friendly. Create one stunning mantelpiece with adorable Christmas village houses, fake snow, and garland.

You can DIY the garland & use string lights to amplify the overall look.

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12. Give your porch a rustic splash of colour with some galvanized planters


On Sutton Place

You can be festive and frugal with Christmas decor by using some old galvanized planters from the garden. While your home is packed with well dressed, embellished Christmas tree with a bustling fireplace, let your porch show the same magic

You can use small fresh pine trees on these planters and pick up some themed doormats to exude the Christmas effect. See More At On Sutton Place 

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David Hillegas

If you have ample time this Christmas, definitely DIY some snow globes, because kids are going to love this activity. You can make them quickly and even use them as return gifts for children. This The Snow Globe Cookie Jar tutorial will help you with your DIY.

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14. Go sustainable with some twine and tags to wrap your Christmas gifts

twine and tags- christmas decor


You don’t always need fancy gift packaging and sometimes beautiful twine with nice wrapping paper can do the trick. This package comes with 3 rolls of raffia ribbons and 50 Christmas tags.

Buy for $12.99

15. DIY these minimalist Christmas themed pillow covers

love and joy pillow

Paul Wichloe

Rather than going overboard with Christmas decorations all over your house, you chose the minimalist way. Add a touch of the jolly good feeling to your pillow covers through this simple yet terrific DIY.

You will need burlap, paints and sewing needles. Let The Joy And Love Pillow Covers Tutorial help you.

P.S. They can be used every year!

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