French Police Seized $1.5M Worth Of MDMA Which Turned Out To Be Strawberry Candies

Paris Police raided a workshop and announced they had seized $1.5 million worth of drugs calling it a “fruitful investigation”. But the huge bust of drugs turned out to be fruitful in a different way––the drug haul turned out to be Strawberry Haribo!

Cops announced on Twitter that they had found the haul in Saint-Ouen near Paris.

Successful investigations of the #SDRPT who have curbed #SaintOuen a narcotics packaging workshop (MDMA, ecstasy) which fed underground parties.
👉 1 million € of seized goods
👉 200 incidents of telephone concealment
➡️ 2 GAV

According to Le Parisien, “the toxicological analyzes carried out Thursday evening concluded that the powder seized in the apartment was a neutral powder, not falling under either narcotic products or poisonous substance”

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