Two Adorable Dachshunds Dig Out & Free Giant Container Ship That Was Blocking Suez Canal

A huge 400-meter-long container ship was stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt in one of the world’s leading shipping lanes for six days.

Truth be told, this ship would still be stuck if it wasn’t for two of the cutest lil helpers who were on the scene—miniature dachshunds Crusoe and Oakley.

suez canal
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Crusoe and Oakley were particularly determined to free the ship from Suez Canal.

suez canal

“The media doesn’t like to give us credit, but it was actually two hard-working little wiener dogs​ who cleared the Suez Canal​ and freed the Evergreen​ container ship to continue on its way,” says Crusoe’s human.

Here are Crusoe and Oakley hard at work trying to free the ship.

Image Source – Crusoe_Dachschund

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