People Are Putting Up Their Christmas Lights To Spread Hope Amidst Coronavirus Fears


As global morale goes down amidst coronavirus fears, people are holding on to what’s most important: Hope. With 2020 walking into a pandemic, Christmas arrives early this year, as people are putting their Christmas lights back up, to spread hope.

This year has started on a very difficult note, with Covid-19 forcing people into social distancing. But social media is still keeping people connected, as Twitter users call out to people to put up their Christmas lights as a ray of hope. With everyone confined to their homes for an indefinite period, these lights are a perfect reminder that there is light, at the end of the tunnel.

As Lane Grindle suggests that these Christmas lights are a perfect excuse to take a drive around, to many more this little act of hope, means so much more.

So if you’re bored and apprehensive, here’s what you definitely can do- put up your Christmas lights, and make this world shine brighter.

And remember, to stay safe and wash your hands. We’ve got this!

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