20 Animal Friendships So Beautiful You’ll Tag Your Bestie Right Away!


Have you found the Timon to your Pumba, Buzz to your Woody, or Marlin to your Dory yet? Well, it’s not just your favorite cartoons, animals in real life can be best friends too. Just like these 20 cute friendships that don’t seem to have any end at all! Scroll down to see some of the sweetest animal friendships ever!

1. This little kitty that’s snuggled up with her baes!

cat snuggled with baby goats

dynamitegizmo94 / reddit.com

2. Watso and Kiko just can’t get enough of each other!

Watso and Kiko, golden retrievers


3. These two seem to have a shared love for photography!

raccoon and dog, animal friends, cute animals

CryptoExodus / reddit

4. “Don’t ya worry! I have got your back!”

toad and mouse piggybacking

REUTERS/Pawan Kumar

5. This cute Bambi deer with his dear piggie.

deer and pig, animal friends

lnfinity / reddit

6. These two alpacas that look like they have known each other for eons!

animal friendships , alpaca friends

glassmornings / reddit

7. The excitement is real, you guys!

dog meets horse

© iamsubinj / reddit

8. “I’ll always know what you looking at!”

best friends, dog hugging

iamsubinj / reddit

9. Friendships that go through health and happiness…

animal friendships

fubshx / reddit

10. Family isn’t always blood!

deer befriends cat

fubshx / reddit

11. Cuddle bugs, who love napping together!

animal friendships

NunSammich / reddit

12. We don’t need no zoom calls!

dogs meeting

Beetlejuicex3babe / reddit

13. The baby monkey and lion cub at the Guaipo Manchurian Tiger Park are proof that friendship is above all differences.

lion cub, tiger, monkey


14. We are furry close to each other!

cat meets fox

standstrong / imgur

15. “Wherever you are, I’d find a way to be with you.”

animal friendships

ybroufx / reddit

16. This little puppy that’s found one of it’s kind!

dog and goat

Nukemm33 / reddit

17. Swinging through life, together!

cat swings dog

Orange_Jacket / reddit

18. These two who are completely in love!

animal friendships

Candpolit / reddit

19. The best of pals!

duck and dog friends

BarontheBlue /  reddit.com

20. When you just belong together!

animal friendships

dynamitegizmo94 / Via reddit.com

Seriously, animal friendships are so cute and unexpected! Tag a bestie right away!