20 Affordable Decor Items For Your Bedroom That Look Super Expensive

Since last year, we have been spending more time at home. So, why not give your bedroom a nice little makeover? And you don’t have to ‘burn a hole in your pocket’ for that. We’ve found the best affordable bedroom-décor products that will perfectly complement your aesthetic. From hanging planter to wall art to pillows – we have got it all.

1. Throw Blanket

throw blanket


This throw blanket comes with a fashionable fringe design, and the mustard yellow is perfect for couch/chair decor. Designed for everyday use, this soft blanket shows excellent craftsmanship. And overall, it is a perfect addition to your cozy & sweet bedroom.

Customer Review:
“Love this blanket. I needed one with fringe on it and this one is perfect for where I use it as decor. It’s very soft and the cream color is true to the picture. It’s large enough and just the right warmth to be comfortable as a lap blanket. I would definitely purchase other colors. Great blanket and especially at this price point.”

Buy for $26.90

2. 5 Pieces Scandinavian Natural Decor Moon Mirrors

20 Affordable Decor Items For Your Bedroom That Look Super Expensive - mirror moon


Moon lovers, this is the perfect way to complement your bedroom! A full set of moon phase mirrors are great for spiritual home decoration. They make your home brighter and also look quite aesthetic. Buy the set now!

Customer Review:
“It is exactly what I needed it to be. I’m a moonchild for sure, so this commemorates mama luna perfectly! Installation was easy breezy with the circle adhesive strips. Add in a tape measure so my OCD brain could be at ease that everything was spaced out evenly and voila. Love!!!”

Buy for $24.99

3. Boho Chic, Non-Shedding, Stain Resistant Area Rug 

rug - 20 Affordable Decor Items For Your Bedroom That Look Super Expensive


Rugs are usually expensive and need a lot of maintenance. But this area rug is not only affordable but also stain resistant! Perfect if you have pets or toddlers who like to make some mess. Additionally, it will elevate your bedroom truly and completely.

Customer Review:
“I have two dogs a cat and extra kids constantly running through my house. Five minutes after I put it down my kid spilled 32oz of lemonade on it. The next day. My golden retriever threw up bright yellow vomit on it. Both were easy to clean and you’d never know they were there. It’s a very forgiving pattern and looks great in my living room.”

Buy it for $25.48

4. Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

mattress topper


A good night’s sleep is highly underrated. And most people will recommend investing in a good mattress. But if you don’t want to splurge then you can get a memory foam mattress topper. This memory foam topper has 3 inches of ventilated gel that adds softness and provides comfort. Buy this and you will be sleeping like a baby in no time!

Customer Review:
“I’m not big on writing reviews, but this product deserves one. I bought this about 3 weeks ago and loved it. I disagree that it’s too strong smelling, but I also love oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and mint. Prior to this topper, I had a 3″ gel one (on top of my super firm mattress) that had excellent reviews but I still had back pain. I tried this one and it was perfect. Unfortunately, I forgot to shut my bedroom door before I went to work and my saint bernard got in and ripped it up. I immediately ordered a new one because it’s really that great. In fact, I’ve been sleeping on my couch until the new one arrived. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple. At this price and this quality, it’s a steal!”

Buy for $56.99

5. 3 Piece Wall Art Hand-Painted On Canvas 

hand painting wall art


Paintings have been a part of home decor since centuries. And rightfully so! They change the look and feel of the room. And no, this isn’t just a printed wall art -no, no, no. It has been hand painted by a professional. You would be able to see the paint lines from the canvas. Don’t second guess this one. Just add it to your cart.

Customer Review:
Not that I have a lot of people in and out of my bedroom (as far as you know!), but this is definitely a showpiece. I was in the market for a large piece of art to place above my bed and saw this. I anticipated that this art would be a generic, re-print on canvas. However, this art has depth to it! It is not just a plain, flat, print of a picture but It actually has paint that protrudes from the canvas. It was definitely worth the purchase and really adds an element of beauty to my room.

Buy for $44.26

6. Throw Pillow Covers

throw pillow - 20 Products From Amazon That Will Make Your Bedroom Super Cozy


Do we even have to talk about throw pillows? They are cute, snuggly, cozy, and look aesthetic. Can you just imagine hugging a pillow while binge-watching The Office all summer? And this pillow cover exudes coziness. Just buy this one.

And if you are looking to buy a throw pillow then we have a recommendation for you. Buy Utopia Bedding’s throw pillow. You will get a pair for $15.99!!

Customer Review:
I absolutely love these pillow covers! I washed them as soon as I received them, they had minimal shedding in the wash and hold up well. I laid them out to air dry and had no shrinkage. They are so cute. Have held up well with my two small kids and husband who use and abuse these pillows daily. Thinking about buying a second set.

Buy for $14.99

7. Valet Marble Tray Set Of 2

marble Tray


Eco-friendly and sustainable, this tray feels luxe and the design looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?! You can keep this tray on the nightstand to keep your essentials in one place.

Customer Review:
“I bought 2 of these so that my husband and I can enjoy eating while watching tv in bed, and we absolutely love them! Sturdy, looks great, and works great.”

Buy for $23.90

8. Modern Standing Lamp with Hanging Glass Shade

standing lamp


Lighting plays an important role in interior design. They create the right mood and add another dimension to space. Lighting can make a room feel comfortable or dramatic (according to your preference). And this stand-up light revives mid-century, industrial-style design. It’s simple and minimalistic – and lights up the area pretty well.

Customer Review:
I bought this black floor lamp to replace my old 10-year-old lamp that has followed me to 3 different houses. It is fairly simple to put together. It took me a few minutes maybe. The bars screw together and then screw into the base. The base is sturdy and heavy. The finish feels nice and expensive. The lightbulb that comes with is LED and gives off a warm and not too bright light. It has a floor click button to turn it off and on. I like the look of it and I am satisfied with my purchase.

Buy for $49.99

9. Plant Pot With Self Watering & Drainage System

plant pot


Love plants but tend to forget watering them? This one is just perfect for you. It has a reservoir at the bottom and that’s why, your plant will water itself by drawing up water! And it also has an alarm that will tell you to refill (how amazing!). Additionally, they look so pretty. Your bedroom will look more complete with a standing planter.

Customer Review:
This cute little pot takes all of the guesswork out of caring for your plant. Half of the plastic pot holds water and the other half holds your plant and soil. When the reservoir is full or empty, the pot alarm sounds. The three wooden legs screw easily onto the pot and nicely display your plant. I like it.

Buy for $19.99 

10. Succulent Jewelry Dish

jewelry dish


Crafted from the best quality of ceramic, this jewelry dish can store all your tiny trinkets. And it looks so good that you can put it on the bed stand table as a cutesy home decor item!

Customer Review:
“I love this so much! I was very happy! I was on the hunt for a jewelery dish that wasn’t too boring or plain. A lot out there are slightly youthful designs or look like an ash tray. I wanted something dainty but with some beautiful detail! I highly recommend this. I would gift this to anyone!”

Buy for $13.99

11. Hexagon Floating Wall Shelves

wall shelves


If your room feels quite empty then these floating wall shelves will add dimensions to the space. (Psssst, it is also perfect if you need to store some stuff but literally have no space for it.) You can use these shelves to store books, pictures, small plants, etc, and decorate them just the way you like!

Customer Review:
“I purchased this floating shelf, but wanted it in gold w/white shelves. I couldn’t find this style in the size I needed, so with the paint, I had from other DIY projects I created it. It’s a simple shelf, but great for a small space. Already assembled, if you’re looking for a charming decorative piece you can get creative with, this works!”

Buy for $36.99

12. Scented Candle – Bergamot Mineral



Just imagine basking in your favorite scent while cozying up in your room. Sigh. This is what dreams are made of! The citrus notes in this candle will definitely calm your mind after a stressful day. It has citrus notes of bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and mint.

Customer Review:
I love these candles. I was taking them out of the box and they are wrapped in bubble wrap. I could smell how fragrant they were before I got them unwrapped. They are very pretty and the fragrance is very strong and I love the smell of them. I will be buying more from this seller. So if you love scented candles you can’t go wrong with these.

Buy for $21.99

13. Three Piece Mini White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot

20 Products From Amazon That Will Make Your Bedroom Super Cozy - planters


These adorable succulent pots are just perfectly sized for your bedroom windows. Waking up to see the sunlight coming through the window to these little cuties – just peaceful.

Customer Review:
“I bought these cute little pots for my succulents in. They are perfect! They are small, but they are perfect for one succulent in each pot. They are well made, and look great! They are perfect for a succulent plant because of the drainage hole, and the bamboo tray keeps your surface dry when watering. The drainage hole is perfectly functioning, and the tray catches and holds the draining water. My plants are doing very well in them, and I get tons of compliments on the pots.”

Buy for $15.97

14. Full-Length Mirror

full length mirror - bedroom home decor


Bedroom mirrors are more than just decorative accents if placed well. They will make your room bigger and brighter while creating a functional space for dress-up. They can be mounted on the wall (if you have spacing issues).

Customer Review:
“This mirror is absolutely beautiful. It’s elegant, sleek, and perfect for my bedroom. They packed it so well, and it arrived in perfect condition! My sister likes it so much, she’s now wanting one of her own.”

Buy for $58.99

15. Mandala Floor Pillow Cover

pillow cover - mandala style


Mandala design has been quite popular in the past couple of years. And it does look quite pretty when paired with a cutesy home-decor item. This round pillow cover is both chic and unique. And they definitely complement your bedroom’s theme.

Customer Review:
“Beautiful pillow cover. Navy blue with shimmering gold pattern. Stunning! Will update the review with pics in the future. Will buy more & strongly recommend especially for you Cozy seekers.”

Buy for $14.99

16. Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray

laptop tray


If you want a truly cozy experience, get yourself a laptop tray. You won’t have to leave your room! It has an adjustable top so you can even get your computer screen and use it as per your comfort level. And guess what — they make a version for lefties. Yup, so, get one right now!

Customer Review:
“Perfect for the bedroom, on the couch, whatever. Doubles as a food tray on those Chinese takeout nights!! LOL”

Buy for $49.96

17. Woven Storage Baskets

sorage baskets


Placed anywhere, these rope baskets are surely of great use. They are a perfect alternative to plastic storage bins or boxes and they can hold all sorts of items while being decorative enough to compliment any room. But with respect to what we’re looking for, the baskets can house some throw blankets, pillows, and a lot more to create that snuggly corner.

Customer Review:
This basket was exactly what I was hoping! It is the perfect size for my throw blankets in the living room. It is very sturdy and holds up well to the daily grind of removing and replacing blankets. It looks great and it is really nicely put together. I really love it.

Buy for $32.99

18. Personal Ceramic Space Heater

space heater


People who are always cold – this one is for you! This space heater is built with an aluminum housing that gives a very retro vibe. And while it may be small, the space heater is extremely powerful and will be your personal favorite. Additionally, it fits well with any room’s décor.

Customer Review:
Absolutely fabulous! I have a Scandinavian/midcentury home, and I wanted a little heater that had a retro sleekness to it. It actually matches my cream Marshall speaker to a tee, puts out a TON of heat, and is quiet as can be. Perfect for the guest room, or cold mornings in the kitchen. Most space heaters are hideous, this one is downright attractive. A perfect product, extremely happy, would buy again in a heartbeat.”

Buy for $29.99

19. Modern Versatile Nightstand

nightstand - bedroom decor


A bedroom isn’t complete without a nightstand. And this rustic nightstand is perfect if you like staying on your bed. You can keep all the necessities and make your bedroom more gorgeous and comfy.

Customer Review:
I bought this for my bedroom. I wanted something inexpensive with a wood look. This fit the bill. It took me (26-year old) about an hour to assemble; some frustrated tears were shed and a couple of screws were left out, but the nightstand is still on all four legs, and the drawer works! One of the feet came chipped so mine wobbles a little, but I am not too picky about that. All in all, I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something inexpensive and solid. I’d buy another.

Buy for $49.69

20. Hanging Planter

hanging planter - 20 Products From Amazon That Will Make Your Bedroom Super Cozy


Give your plants a stylish but minimalistic style home and boost the cozy factor of your bedroom at the same time.

Customer Review:
“I absolutely love these, I get so many compliments on them! I used the Mkono 6.5” pots since I couldn’t find any 6” pots I liked and they fit nicely.”

Buy for $30.99

So, what are you waiting for? Get these decor products now!
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