22 Strange Things That Seem To Be Normal In Some Countries But Not In Others

Eating rotten fish may seem strange to you (literally), but it’s perfectly common in Sweden. In Russia, having two passports from the same country is popular, but it may not be the case where you live. Such cultural differences are what distinguishes us all, and they add to the thrill of travel as you learn about aspects of a destination that aren’t as popular in your own country.

Take a look at this list of strange things that seem to be normal in some countries but not in others.

1. In Hong Kong, there are ‘Bra Studies.’


2. Nepal has a non-rectangular flag

Balathasan Sayanthan

3.’Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu‘ is the longest known place name

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4. Wooden bathtubs are common in Japan

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5. In Scotland, you can get fried Mars bars

Peter Shanks

6. Colombians Drink Cheese Hot Chocolate


7. A live carp is kept in a bathtub in Slovakia before cooking it for Christmas dinner

Andrij Bulba

8. In Singapore, bamboo poles are used as drying rails

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9. Some east-Asian countries wore face masks even before the pandemic

Gayatri Malhotra

10. In South Korea, writing in red ink is considered a bad omen


11. Milk is not refrigerated in France

nikolai chernichenko

12. Public transportation in Luxembourg is free

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13. Traffic Lights in Japan Appear To Be Blue

David McKelvey

14. Costa Rica has no street names

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15. In Turkey, there is a dessert that contains chicken breast

a 1 u c a r d

16. Cappuccino Is a Breakfast Drink in Italy

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17. In Finland, sitting in a sauna can be a competition

Hotel Arthur

18. The Dutch do not use curtains


19. Rotten Fish Is A Food Item In Sweden

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20. Parents in Scandinavian countries leave their children to nap outside in freezing temperatures


21. Lamborghini is part of the Italian police fleet


22. In April, Thailand hosts a nationwide water fight


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