20 Cool Things You Will Only Find In Rich Homes

They say that money can’t buy you happiness. Tell that to a rich person and they’ll know where to shop! Being rich can give you the craziest and comfortable perks! If you’ve ever been to a rich house, you’d know what we mean by crazy comfort. Here are 20 things that only the richest can afford.

1. A relaxing steam bath to take a break from a busy day building a billion-dollar business.

rich houses


2. How about creating a mini Bali right on your terrace.

rich houses, Bali Themed terrace


Rich people can certainly afford cosy and lazy terraces, so if you are rich enough and want to feel stress-free then you should definitely build a terrace like this.


3. Stairs are too passé, let’s talk slides!

slides in houses


Rich people believe that time is the biggest asset, thus they will find smart ways to finish their tasks. Here’s a home with a slide, to switch between floors in seconds.

4. Weekend dates with movie night by the poolside, because why not?

poolside cinema, rich houses


If you wish to chill at the poolside and watch television, then this is the perfect house.

5. Ever wondered why billionaires are morning people? How about waking up to this!

beautiful rich house


This house will give you a view worth watching, you don’t need to visit any resort if you have a house with such a view.

6. A wine cellar right beneath the kitchen. What a grape idea!

staircase wine cellar


This is one of the most interesting houses, if you ever get rich, you can have your own wine cellar beneath your kitchen.

7. Lavish bowling alley inside the house when you’re too famous to be outdoors.

lavish bowling alley inside house, rich houses


8. Open showers, because 4-walled baths are just too basic.

natural bathroom


9. A golf course connecting two rooms, because passages are outdated!

golf alleys


There is a mini-golf course between two rooms, so if you love golf, this house is made for you.

10. A full-fledged water fall in the house

waterfall shower, rich houses


11. A head-twirling library for a book lover

library roof


This is for the ones who love reading, looking at this creative head-spinning library, any book lover would just faint.

12. A super exciting 3D epoxy floor. Aren’t you thrilled to see a dolphin as your homie!

epoxy floors



Rich people can easily make their houses look super exciting and interesting by using such cool and innovative 3d floor patterns.

13. A mini island in the kitchen

mini island


A personal mini-island in the kitchen is something you can only find in rich people’s houses.

14. A fully- functional airport surrounding your house

private airport house, rich houses


Being rich can give you the pleasure of enjoying trips with your personal aircraft.

15. A 3D pool so that every dip feels like a swim in a gigantic ocean.

3D Pool, Rich houses


Jumping in this pool will surely be a different kind of thrill.

16. Some next-level royal decor

royal decor, rich houses


17. These swing-set themed dining chairs

swing set dining table


18. A vertical garden inside the bathroom

vertical garden bathroom


19. An underground car garage so that nobody around feels jealous of their collection!

underground car garage


20. A staircase filled with richness, when you’re running out of storage for em’ dollars!

staircase storage, rich houses


Which one’s your favourite?