2 Teen Brothers Save A Raccoon That Was Buried Alive In South Canyon

2 Teen Brothers Save A Raccoon That Was Buried Alive In South Canyon FI

Rescuing animals is considered a noble deed and two teens in South Canyon did just that. After a small family outing, Daiton, 14, and Rylen, 12, decided to go exploring in the woods nearby. The teenage boys were just exploring when they found a live raccoon buried alive.

It was struggling to live and wasn’t breathing properly.

We didn’t know what to do, so we asked our dad for help and we just tried to get it out because we weren’t going give up, and we wanted it to survive,” said Rylen McMillon.

2 Teen Brothers Save A Raccoon That Was Buried Alive In South Canyon

Dray Mcmillon

They ran to their dad and immediately asked him for help. He removed a small shovel and got to work. He started digging the raccoon out of the dirt.

They spotted a raccoon around 2 to 3 feet down in the hole. Only his head and front legs were exposed,” McMillon told The Dodo. “The boys immediately called me and told me what they had found.

It was angry, but then it also realized that we were trying to help it and it wanted out. So, it didn’t attack us,” said Daiton McMillon, 14 years old.

The teenage boys and their father

Wild west rehabilitation center/ Facebook

After two hours of digging, they called the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

“There were two cement plates like this and there was a bunch of dirt on top of it and it had pushed it down and collapsed. So, there was still a little bit of movement between the cement and the back of the raccoon, but it was packed in the dirt,” said Stephanie Oravetz, owner and executive director at the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

After the help arrived, they used a catchpole and placed it around the raccoon’s neck and shoulders. And soon, the raccoon was freed.

It was healthy and wasn’t harmed. The boys were extremely happy to see the animal alive and free- because of them.

“I could see the sense of accomplishment in my boys,” McMillon said. “They were very excited that the animal was released safely.”

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