15 Memes You’ll Understand If You Own The Art Of Overthinking

Do the insides of your brain smell like this candle below? Are you a victim of overthinking, too?

Well, looks like you are one of us- an official overthinker who loves to row the ‘worry boat’ in the endless ocean of time and space. While overthinking keeps us awake all night, making fun of our ever-present pal wouldn’t do much harm. Here are 15 memes that so good that you won’t help but ‘overthink’ about them!

1. “When you have a conversation with someone and then can’t stop replaying it over in your head with how it could’ve gone better.”

2. ‘That’s why I try my best to avoid random talk’

3. When you think you’re in the spotlight but there’s no light in there!

4. That awkward eye-contact

5. Me: Why would they do that?

6. Totally relatable!

7. Accurate AF!

8. We hear y’all.

9. Typing…

10. Think. Think. Think.

11. The never-ending loop of neverland.

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12. Everything’s good. Wait, something’s wrong!

13. The dreaded ‘We need to talk’

14. Who’s the winner?

15. The sweet power of overthinking!

What have you been overthinking lately? Let us know in the comments below!