15 Husband Wife Fails That Prove Marriage Is Adorably Hilarious

Marriage is great, having someone through thick and thin, doing everyday things together and always knowing that there is someone to come back home to. Every day there are instances where you will want to pamper your partner and help them out. Here are 15 of the funniest husband-wife fails that would leave you laughing.

1. The wife who redefines hoarding

2. This husband who only brought his side of the memory foam for their bed

3. Probably not what the poor guy’s looking for:

4. This husband who’s in serious trouble

5. This wife who forgot the PB in PBJ

6. The wife is a saint for still being his wife

7. This wife who doesn’t do breakfast right

funny husbands

8. This husband who gave his wife a blanket with his face on it, for Christmas

funny husband gifts

9. This husband who gave out way too much information about his wife on a group chat

10. This husband who tried to be a poet and it turned out to be a funny fail

funny fails

11. This one who quite literally put away the dish on the sink

12. This husband who ate all the muffin tops

half-eaten muffins

13. This wife who slaughtered the avocado

14. An obedient husband who did what he was told to do

husband wife fails

15. This husband who didn’t shy away from being honest

funny husband wife fails

These husband-wife fails are adorable proof that marriage is funny enough to get through life together.